Real Property information Download

This product provides Real Property information which can be integrated into your own system and applications. It is a snapshot of what the information looks like at the time of the order. The product name in Swedish is Fastighetsinformation Nedladdning.

About this product

Real Property information Download contains information from the Real Property Register regarding the division and ownership of land and water areas in Sweden. 

It is divided into the following types of information:

  • Address and building
  • Real Property
  • Registration
  • Land regulation

Important to know

Consider the following before ordering the product:

  • To use this product, you need to pay a fee.
  • Your use will be reviewed legally according to the Real Property Register Act and you need to sign a license with terms of use.
  • This product provides access to information that you order, download and store with you.

You will be able to choose a one-time order or a subscription

One-time order

The withdrawal is a basic order and order is created once and provides a snapshot of the respective information set as it appears when compiling the delivery.


The first withdrawal is allways a basic order, while following withdrawals are so-called change order. As long as the subscription is active, new change order or basic order can be created.

Maintenance and update frequency

The maintenance and update frequency differs between different information types and is described under the respective information type in the product documentation.


Documentation for Real property information Download in Geotorget dokumentation (in Swedish, new window)

Translation table

Translation tables between outgoing identifier real property key (FNR) and Riksnyckel to new identifier UUID.

FNR - UUID (zip 24 Mb) - updated daily
Keyboard - UUID (zip 93.9 Mb) - updated monthly

Document for information mapping

The documents is a information mappning between the deliveries in the format XML and ÖFF for the same information.

Right now are the following documents avaible:

The following documents are in progress:

  • Mappningsdokument Belägenhetsadress (In Swedish)
  • Mappningsdokument Byggnad (In Swedish)
  • Mappningsdokument Markreglerande bestämmelse (In Swedish)

Order product

You can order Real property information directly from us or from any of our resellers.

If you want information about your own real property free of charge, you are welcome to use our e-service My property.

If you want information from the Real Property Register according to the principle of public access to information, you are welcome to contact Kundcenter.

Order from Lantmäteriet

If you want to order directry from us, you use the e-service Geotorget beställning (in Swedish).

Read more about how to order and other functions in Geotorget beställning.

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