Updated information - New date for liquidation of Property Direct, Community Facility Direct and Right Direct

8 June 2022

From 3 May 2022, the new versions of Fastighet Direkt, Gemensamhetsanläggning Direkt and Rättighet Direkt are available. To enable adaptations of consumer systems to the new services, we see a need to move the decommissioning dates for the outgoing versions to 2023-03-31.

We have previously communicated a settlement date for Fastighet Direkt v.2.1, Gemensamhetsanläggning Direkt v.1.7 and Rättighet Direkt v.1.4 to 2022-11-30. This is now being moved forward and the new date for settlement is 2023-03-31. Read more about the changes taking place in the new versions of the services in the news from 2022-01-27.

A new version of Landreglering Direkt will be available at the beginning of October 2022 and the winding up of Landreglering Direkt 1.5 will take place 2023-05-31. We would like to announce right now that we will not be able to have version 1.5 available after 31 May and would like to urge you to plan the transition to the new version in time.

For more information, see the product pages Property and Community Direct , Community Facility Directly , Right Direct and Land Regulation Directly.

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