Reminder - Changes for Topography 10 Download, vector

18 August 2022

As informed in the previous news from 03/01/2022, some minor changes will occur in the product Topography 10 Download, vector on September 1, 2022.

The changes concern content in the Height theme. The value set for the object type attribute in the horizontal line layer changes:

  • Current value Elevation curve changes to Elevation curve5 (object type no. is unchanged 2401)
  • Current value Gropkurva is changed to Gropkurva5 (object type no. is unchanged 2402)

Attribute for height curve text is changed. The new model looks like below. (NOTE! The text size class attribute is of type Text and not Integer as was specified in the original news).

Attributes Type Length
object identity Text 36
Created Date 23
text category Text 255
text size class Text 255
text layer Integer 3
text type Text 255
map text Text 4
text direction float 6.2

In connection with the changes in the data model, manners/style files will be adjusted. Upcoming product description and demo data will be downloadable, as soon as possible, from the product page.

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