Demodata and product description available for Topography 50 Download, vector

4 March 2022

We have previously informed that the GSD Terrain Map, will be replaced by the new product Topography 50 Download, vector on September 1, 2022. As part of introducing the new product, the product description and demodata on March 1st.

Topography 50 Download, vector will be comes in a new file format, GeoPackage, and includes a completely redesigned data model. The new data model builds on the model used in Topography 10 Download, vector and will harmonize with future vector products in smaller scales. Another important change is that the product also has coverage throughout the country, including the mountain area. Read more in previous news Topography 50 Download, vector replaces GSD Terrain Map.

From March 1, it is possible to take home demodata across two areas, download the product description and early versions of manner / style files as well as symbol fonts. 

When the product launches on September 1, it will, like the GSD Terrain Map, be provided as open data under license CC0.

Schedule information and upcoming product changes can be found on the Ongoing product development of geographic information.

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