Topographic web map Download, raster

Topographic web map Download, raster, is suitable to use when you require a zoomable map but do not have the opportunity to connect to Lantmäteriet’s viewing services. The product name in Swedish is Topografisk webbkarta Nedladdning, raster.

About this product

The product provides access to a topographic web map that is adapted for display on a screen. The map has the same contents and appearance as the Topographic web map View Service, cache and has a harmonised cartography between the scales.

The map is provided in colour of as a toned-down map image. The information in the Topographical web map Download, raster comes in two variants. See a brief presentation of the contents below.

Topographic web map Download, raster

Topographic map information such as administrative divisions, buildings, facilities, regulations, roads, railways, mountain information, electricity transmission lines, ground surfaces, water surfaces, height contours, and terrain shading, place names, informational text and addresses.

The contents are presented in colour to create contrast.

Example image in scale 1:3 780 (SWEREF99 TM).

Topographic web map Download, raster toned-down

Topographic map information presented in a toned-down greyscale.

Example image in scale 1:3 780, toned-down (SWEREF99 TM).

Maintenance and update frequency

The information is updated with different intervals depending on the type of information and scale level. A simplified description of the topicality of the information is that:

  • The information in scale areas up to 1:15 000 is updated at least every 24 hours.
  • The information in scale areas1:15 000 – 1:60 000 is updated every week.
  • The information in scale areas over 1:60 000 is updated every month.


For a more in-depth description of the contents, see the product description.

Demo data

To judge how this data works one must have access to a suitable management program, ArcGIS or QGIS for example.

On the page Demo data there are two areas. One area in an urban environment in Majorna, Gothenburg and one area in a forest environment along Emån.

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