Topographic map View Service, vector tiles

A view service with topographic information from Lantmäteriet’s basic data store. The format, vector tiles, provides other opportunities for use than view services in raster format. The product name in Swedish is Topografi Visning, vector tiles.

About this product

The product is primarily intended for users developing different types of applications and applications for the web. View services in the vector tiles format allow the access of information for objects, attributes, and allow stylisation of data based on your own wishes or by using Lantmäteriet’s own appearance.

The product provides an opportunity to connect information from the map with our direct access services. In addition, personal stylisation files can be defined to alter the map appearance. The information is displayed up to scale 1:1 million.

Presentation of the information

Ground, hydrography, buildings, facilities, communication (i.e., roads and rail roads), transmission lines, the Artic circle, administrative division, height, mountain information and text.

Maintenance and update frequency

The information is updated with different intervals depending on the type of information and scale level. A simplified description of the topicality of the information is that the scale level originating from Topography 10 is updated every 24 hours. Other scale levels are updated monthly.


Our geodata services are normally available 24/7 and we provide support during working hours. Read more about availability to geodata services.


Different versions of the services can overlap, so pay attention to which version you use. Version history describes the changes that occurred with each update.

On our Git-Hub page (new window) you will find some simple code examples.

Version history
Version and date Changes since previous version

Version 1.0

New version

Available: 2020-06-11

New display service

Technical framework and standard for view services

Our map and image view services are based on the standardized call interfaces Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) developed by The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). WMS is also an ISO standard (ISO 19128).

The Open Geospatial Consortium website (new window)

The services are of the nature 'question-answer', where the consumer (user's system) sends a service call over the Internet and receives a map image in a standard image format or in a vector format for certain types of services.

The characteristics of the map image are defined by the call parameters, such as information type, geographical spread, reference system, image format and image size.

There are many client applications for display services or components for integration into own system available. In addition to commercial products, there are a number of established products based on open source code, such as QGIS.

QGIS website (new window)

At OSGeo, The Open Source Geospatial Foundation you can read more about software in the field of geodata that are based on open source code.

OSGeos website (new window)

Do you want deeper technical information about our geodata products you can read the product documentation.

Our geodata products with API:s require that you have an application or software capable of managing the services. To view real property information or maps directly in your browser, you can use Lantmäteriet's e-services.

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