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The service meets the requirements for Inspire and provides access to detailed gravity points in Sweden, divided into index boxes with the size 100x100 km according to SWEREF 99. The product name in Swedish is Tyngdkraft Nedladdning.

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In total there are more than 20,000 points. Gravity is currently listed in RG82, but will be listed in RG2000 when completed.


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Lantmäteriet measures continuously data for these are published in the service with a maximum of about six months delay.

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In some cases you need permit to distribute geographic information. Read more on the page Copyright and publication of Lantmäteriet's geographical information.


The versions of the services may overlap, so pay attention to which version you pick up at home. Version history describes the changes that occurred at each update.

Technical framework and standard for download services

Download services are based on the standard protocol WCS (new window) from OGC or the web standard Atom (new window).

WCS works as a display service, but with the ability to download the data contained in the service. Most GIS software on the market has built-in support for the WCS standard .

Atom is an XML-based format used for web feeds and can be used in most RSS readers or feed readers.

Want more in-depth technical information about our geodata services? Read the documentation in pdf format that you will find on each product page.

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