Assessment Download

This product is under development. Assessment Download will provide assessment information which can be integrated into your own system and applications. It is a snapshot of what the information looks like at the time of the order. The product name in Swedish is Taxering Nedladdning.

About this product

Assesment Download contains information from the Real Property Register about tax assesment values and valuation units for land and buildings. The product is under development and more information will be published at the beginning of 2024.

Important to know

Consider the following before ordering the product:

  • To use this product, you need to pay a fee.
  • Your use will be reviewed legally according to the Real Property Register Act and you need to sign a license with terms of use.
  • The information in this product is divided into several selectable subsets.
  • You order this product, then you download the order from it and store them.

Maintenance and update frequency

The tax assessment information is determined by the Swedish Tax Agency and valid annually. Determined values are valid from January 1 and three years ahead.  A real property may be taxed pursuant to a special property-tax assessment if major modifications have occurred. 

The tax assesment values for industrial premises, power-generation facilities, special facilities and industrial premises that comprise quarries are valid for six years.  

In assessment Download each years tax assessment will be available at the earliest in July. The information is continuously updated and provided in the product.

Assessed owner for the entire calendar year is the person who is the legal owner, land right holder or owner of a building on a free basis on January 1 of the current year. The information is updated and continuously provided in the product from January 1.

When the Real Property Register is updated, the changes are immediately available in the product.

Order product

The product will be available for ordering during 2024. More information will be published later.

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