Apartment register information notification

The product will be replaced by Dwelling Unit Download. The apartment register is regulated in the Apartment Register Act and is not generally available. The apartment register is a national register of all Sweden's residential apartments. Information about who lives in the apartment is not in the apartment register. The product name in Swedish is Lägenhetsregisterinformation avisering.

About this product

Apartment register information notification will be replaced by Dwelling Unit Download.

A notification of apartment register information always begins with a start withdrawal, which is then followed by updates of all changes within the delivery interval.

The apartment register contains basic information about all homes, including information about area, number of rooms and kitchen type.

The possibility of accessing the apartment information is regulated in the Apartment Register Act (new window). 

Property owners who need a new list of decided apartment numbers must contact the municipality where the property is located.

Purpose and conditions for information in digital form

The National Land Survey can provide information from the register via the product in digital form. Such extradition may only take place for the purposes:

  • Population registration
  • Production of statistics
  • Research
  • Planning, follow-up and evaluation of housing stock and construction.

The information in digital form may only be disclosed to:

  • The Swedish Tax Agency
  • Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Affected municipality
  • The property owner.

Register extract according to the principle of openness

If you want individual information from the register according to the principle of openness, you are welcome to contact the customer center.

Extradition may take place provided that secrecy does not stand in the way.

Order product

You get the opportunity to order apartment information in semicolon-separated text files according to the transfer format (ÖFF) and use the information in your own systems and applications.

A notification always begins with a start withdrawal, which is then followed by updates of all changes within the delivery interval. The delivery interval for the notification is either daily or weekly.

Information selection

A notification with apartment information may include one or more of the following tables:

  • Information on residential apartment (table 55B)
  • Entrance information (Table 55A)
  • Information on building (table 50A)
  • Property information (Table 01A)

The document Providing Property Information (pdf) describes the contents of the tables on an overall level, the Format Description (pdf) goes all the way down to the field level.


Contact Geodata support.

In connection with the request for extradition in digital form, Lantmäteriet shall conduct a purpose test. Therefore attach the completed form Purpose Assessment (dotx, new window). The form is also available in an English version Application for extraction of data from apartment register (dotx, new window).

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