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Saccess supports Internet Explorer browsers from version 10 and later, Firefox and Google Chrome. This version of Saccess does not support Internet Explorer 9.

You can perform searches and view search results without being logged in, but to be able to order images, you must be logged in.

You can go to the person icon at any time and log in with your user information or create a new user account if you have not already done so. You also enter here if you want a new password.

In the drop-down list, select the type of product you want to look at:

Individual satellite images, orthocorrected - Map-correct images that are adapted to be used directly with other map data (for the experienced user).

Individual satellite images, system-corrected - Images that are as close to the raw product as possible (for the professional user).Finished mosaics - Map-like images put together into as cloudless a nationwide image as possible. Available in an infrared variant for the accustomed user who is mainly interested in studying vegetation, and in a variant in natural colors that is easier to interpret for the general interested.

If you select 'Individual satellite images', you will see a hit list with information about each individual image, as well as an overview map that shows where the images are located. If you scroll down in the hit list, more hits are loaded - if there are any.

All the images that the system has searched for are presented with image names and a thumbnail. When you hover the mouse pointer over the image name, the color of the corresponding image frame in the map window changes so you can quickly locate where the image is located. To get more information about the image, and a slightly larger overview image, click on the image name.

To have a zoomed map centered over a specific picture frame, select the picture by clicking in the box to the left of the thumbnail and then using the magnifying glass above the hit list. To select all images, check the box to the left of the magnifying glass.

For the product Finished mosaics, there are a number of fixed layers. Here you will find mosaics from the 1970s onwards and choose whether you want your image in infrared or natural colors.

With the eye icon you select which mosaic you want to display in the map window and with the click boxes you select the mosaic layers you want to order data from.


Once you have selected the layer, make an image section by drawing a rectangle, polygon or a circle over your area of ​​interest.


The finished product will contain image data of the area you selected.

Once you have decided which image you want to order, click on the shopping cart icon in the product line and your product will end up in the shopping cart. You can then continue to look for additional products and add to the shopping cart until you are done with your selection.

Icon - shopping cart with plus sign inside.

Under the tab 'Shopping cart' you now see which products you have chosen.

Icon - shopping cart.

If you want to delete one or more of the selected scenes, you do this by clicking on the shopping cart symbol with a minus sign.

 Icon - shopping cart with minus sign inside.

Via the gear icon, you can customize your products to best suit your needs. You can choose product parameters depending on the type of product you have selected. For ortho-corrected images, you have the option of selecting the coordinate system, file format, pixel size, and number of spectral bands. For system-corrected images, this option is not available, as they are delivered in the standard format that belongs to the respective satellite. When it comes to finished mosaics, you can choose which pixel size you want.

Icon - gear.

Once you have selected product parameters, click the Place Order button to complete your order. If you are not already logged in, you will now be asked by the system to log in with your user information.

Button - place order.

If you are not already registered as a Saccess user, you create a new user account by pressing the Create new account (Skapa nytt konto) button and enter your contact information in the form. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is completed.

Button create new account.

According to the end-user license that Lantmäteriet has negotiated with the satellite data owners, the user must be domiciled in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark and Lantmäteriet has an obligation to verify this. You will receive a confirmation email once your user has been approved.

If there is a question mark about your user, you will instead receive login information to the postal address you entered. If you already are a registered user, then log in to the system using your credentials and confirm your order by approving the end user license and entering your password.

You will now receive a message to the e-mail address you provided, confirming that your order has been received. When your ordered products are finished, you will receive a new message with download links. Click on the respective link to download the zipped product file to your computer. You can also follow the process on the portal under the 'Orders' tab.

Icon - orders.

When the order is complete, you can see a download icon that you can use to download the order. If you click on this icon, the link addresses of all products in your order will be displayed, which you can then copy and paste into the address bar of your browser or FTP client.

Icon - Download.

If you instead want to download individual products in your order, you can view the products by clicking on the plus sign and then use the product download icon for the products you want to download.

Your order is available for one week after which it is cleared from our ftp server.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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