Plan registration

These pages are aimed at those of you who work with delivery to Lantmäteriet of legally valid detailed plans or area regulations for entry in the Real Estate Register (FR).

Liability in accordance with current statutes

The ordinance (2000: 308) on property registers states in section 3, first paragraph, point 3 that plans and more must be reported in the general part of the property register. According to section 2 of the ordinance, Lantmäteriet is responsible for the operation and management of the property register. The information on a plan that the property register must contain is stated in section 28. In the property register, information on plans is entered partly in the text part and partly in the national digital register map.

According to the provisions in ch. Section 32 PBL is responsible for sending the plan to the county administrative board and the surveying authority within two weeks after it has gained legal force. The plan and other documents must have a design and clarity so that the information to be registered is clear. Section 32 also states that there must be a note on the documents that the plan has gained legal force. That a plan has gained legal force is one of the preconditions for registration in the property register.

The constitutional text PBL Chapter 5, Section 32

5 kap. Section 32 When the decision to adopt the detailed plan has gained legal force, the municipality shall

  1. record on the planning documents the date when the plan became final and, if an appointment in accordance with ch. § 17 third paragraph has been announced, the date when the appointment was announced,
  2. within two weeks send the plan, plan description and property list according to § 9 to the county administrative board and the surveying authority, and
  3. with an announcement on it manner specified in section 11 b or by a written notice notify the property owners who may be entitled to compensation in accordance with ch. 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 or 11 § and those who according to ch. Section 12 may have a corresponding right to compensation and in the notification state the content of Chapter 15. 5 §. Lag (2014: 900).

Delivery instructions

The general delivery instructions for digital plan registration (pdf, new window)

Support and advice

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