Undergraduate education KFF

Theoretical undergraduate education that all municipal participating administrators of KFF services must undergo.

Within the KFF project, the decision was made that all relevant municipal administrators must implement the mandatory web- based the KFF education for verification of basic knowledge. Thus, all relevant administrators must have completed the course in order to handle an administrative matter within the framework of ABKFF.

New employees or those who are to begin handling these matters must have completed the course before they are allowed to participate in an administrative matter. 

Elective continuing education for extended knowledge

Elective courses in the field of property education:

  • Property Investigation and Archive Research
  • Administration in a plan basic course
  • Understanding of FR's map and text part
  • Introduction to HMK

The need for these educations may be assessed on the basis of the KFF municipality's need for knowledge.
More information about these courses can be found in Lantmäteriet 's learning platform Ping pong.

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