Climate adaptation actors need for geodata and geodata services

Authorities that provide geodata need more knowledge about the geodata that municipalities and county administrative boards need, what shortcomings there are and in what form this should be made available for climate adaptation work to be effective. The Authority Network for Climate Adaptation therefore started a working group with the aim of carrying out an analysis that highlights the above-mentioned needs and shortcomings.


The aim of the project was also to link this data to climate adaptation themes. The project was implemented in 2018 and was named "Climate adaptation actors' need for geodata and geodata services".

Working group

The working group consists of SMHI, Lantmäteriet, The County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland 's county and the Swedish Maritime Administration with the support of Structor Miljöbyrån Stockholm AB.


During the autumn of 2018, three workshops were held where municipalities and authorities gathered around three/four themes per workshop;

  • flood (sea, watercourses, lakes, torrential rain)
  • soil stability (landslides, landslides, erosion/beach erosion)
  • heat waves and drinking water supply.

The location of the workshops has been chosen with great geographical spread with the aim of capturing different climate aspects within the mentioned theme - eastern Sweden (Norrköping), northern Sweden (Luleå) and southwestern Sweden (Halmstad). During the workshops, active group work was alternated based on a number of written questions with joint theme presentations and discussions as well as short presentations by regional and national authorities as input to the group work.

Results from the project

The results from the project are by both general and specific in nature. The more general results indicate shortcomings and wishes that connect to the subject in general without a specific connection to the theme or geography. They can be grouped into needs for support/support functions, communication and information, etc., increased clarity regarding coordination / co-operation and responsibility as well as consideration of confidentiality linked to data availability. It is also about the need for increased clarity in metadata, data timeliness and validity as well as given standards.

Other results are of a more specific nature and show shortcomings in geodata and geodata services, data and service form and availability as well as needs of overlay of geodata. Some of these results link to specific themes.

Take a look at the final report - Geodata for climate adaptation (in swedish, pdf, new window)

In summary

The focus is primarily on creating simplicity, clarity, user-friendliness through increased and clear coordination, responsibility, standardization, support functions and more, not to create additional geodata and geodata services.

Need for further work is therefore very much about increasing the clarity of existing geodata and that facilitate the use of data and different services.The need should be based on different actors and their different roles linked to production, accessibility, administration and use - national authorities, county administrative boards and municipalities.

Contact the project

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Climate adaptation: measures aimed at protecting the environment, human life and health as well as property by adapting society to the consequences of a changing climate.

Government goals: goals for an authority's work with climate adaptation within its own area of activity.

Geodata: is data that describes phenomena including their geographical location. A geographical location is specified directly, in a geodetic reference system, or indirectly.

Geodata services:are so-called machine-to-machine services that provide the ability to search, view and retrieve; maps, photos, elevation data and property information for your own business system.

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