Practical training

The Authority Network for Climate Adaptation started a working group in 2019 with Lantmäteriet as convener with the aim of developing a concept for a workshop day with practical training with geodata for climate adaptation.

What does the practical training look like?

During such a training day, municipalities gather under the leadership of county administrative boards and practical training is interspersed with presentations. The workshop participants are given the opportunity to make climate adaptation assessments with GIS data linked to the climate adaptation themes that are relevant to the participants, such as flood, torrential rain, landslides, ground stability, heat wave or physical planning.

Working group

The working group consisted of the Swedish Geological Survey, Statens Geotekniska Institute, National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Lantmäteriet , the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Public Health Agency and the County Administrative Boards in Uppsala, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Västmanland 's counties with the support of Sweco Environment AB. The project was run in 2019 and is funded by funds from SMHI.

Test of the concept

During the autumn of 2019, the concept was tested on three occasions with good results.

  • October 22 in Uppsala with the theme of flood, torrential rain, landslides, ground stability and physical planning
  • November 6 in Västerås with the theme of flood, torrential rain and heat wave 
  • November 18 Umeå with the theme of flood, torrential rain, landslides, ground stability and physical planning

Concept for a day of practical training

The result from the project consists of a basic concept that can be modified according to need and desired theme, and two detailed concepts for themes of flooding, torrential rain and ground movements as well as heat waves with the aim of illustrating how the basic concept can be adapted to a particular theme. The concept includes recommendations and starting points that emerged during the preparation of the workshop material and which proved to be important during the work.

In the overall workshop material, organizers and workshop participants get to know and discuss uncertainties about national GIS data, do exercises in map display services, and work with data over their own area based on proposed work steps and issues.

Take part in the final report and concept - Geodata for climate adaptation - Practical training:

In summary

Intended users of the workshop concept (organizers) are primarily county administrative boards, and the target group for the workshop is municipal officials who work in areas such as spatial planning, climate or GIS coordination.

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