Lantmäteriet archive

The Lantmäteriet archive is a virtual archive that includes both the cadastral archives of the municipal cadastral authorities and the Lantmäteriet.

Included here are maps from the land reform years 1750-1827 and 1828-1972 and many other cadastral procedures. Common map scales used in the historical material are 1:4 000 and 1:8 000, while the scale of the modern material varies more depending on the form of the cadastral procedure.

The cadastral archives also house detailed development plans and other provisions that shows the planning of future land use.

Administrative acts in the Ark

The administrative act contains the legally valid documentation of a surveying service. Here you will find e.g. decisions that show where the boundaries go and what rights belong to the property.

All changes in a property take place through a surveying service. The result of the procedure is documented on a map and / or in documents and is archived for all time in an act of administration. All ceremonies that have been carried out in the country's properties since the middle of the 18th century have been archived by county at Lantmäteriet.

Both historical and contemporary information

The administrative documents contain information that describes the nature of the property division, both the historical and the current one. Here, all the decisions made about new and remodeling of properties and leases of various rights are reported. The ordinances contain both maps and associated descriptions as well as minutes that tell how the ordinances were carried out. Here is the complete information that complements the information in the Property Register, for example about easements and boundaries.

Three million files in digital archive

The National Land Survey's archive currently comprises approximately 3 million files and these are legally valid documents on the division of property in the country. The National Land Survey is responsible for preserving the maps and documents. The National Land Survey has scanned all the files, which were previously stored at the respective county authority, to reduce wear and tear on the files. Digitization is also a step in shortening the processing times at the services. The analogue material has been transferred to the National Archives in Härnösand for storage.

Both the National Land Survey and most municipal surveying authorities store their administrative documents in the Ark.

Via the My Property service, you who are the owner of a property can see the files in the Ark that are connected to your property. You can also contact our Customer Center.

Plans and regulations

In Lantmäteriet's administrative archives, copies of detailed plans and other land-regulated regulations are kept.

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