Dossier Viewing

There are various ways to look at dossiers. In the service there are two different file formats, PDF which is a compressed file format and TIFF which is a high-resolution file format.


PDF is a compressed file format that does not take up as much space as a high-resolution file format - they are often hundreds of times smaller than high-resolution formats. When you click the Download file as PDF button, the file opens in your browser's built-in PDF reader or in a program that can read PDF, depending on your settings.

Those of you who have previously downloaded files in the DjVu format may find that certain functions are no longer available when viewing the documents. This is likely because you opened the PDF file in your browser instead of in an external program that can read the file. There are many free versions of PDF readers you can download that give you all the features you need.


Tiff is a high-resolution file format which is for example suitable for printing the map for a book. A high-resolution image can often be enlarged several times without the image becoming pixelated.

The digital file format Tiff has a resolution of 254 dpi (dots per inch) and 24 bits colour-depth for documents with coloured maps, and 200 dpi for documents with black and white text.

If you want to download a dossier as a TIFF, press Download the page as TIFF. When you download pages from a dossier as a TIFF file you will only get the page you are currently on, not the whole dossier.

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