Decorative maps

In our digital archives there are more than a million historical maps and they stretch as far back as 1628. Sometimes we come across slightly different maps that contain everything from terrifying monsters to beautiful birds. 

The maps cover large parts of Sweden and are in many cases so well made and richly decorated that it is tempting to call them pure works of art. No wonder, perhaps, that they are often given away as gifts.

Map Monster

Map monster
Monsters in the sea west of Danmark.

On this map of Scandinavia from 1626, Anders Bure, himself Lantmäteriets founder, has drawn in several monsters. If you search, you can also find a lot of other animals on the map. The map is in six parts and you can see each piece of map in our service Historical maps.

See Anders Bure's Scandinavian map (new window).

A rich wildlife

In the older maps you often find animals depicted. A way to make the maps a little more exciting and beautiful. Feel free to look in the archives and see how many animals you can find.

Map with a dog and a squirrel drawn.
Map with a dog and a squirrel drawn.
Map with a bear drawn.
Map with a bear drawn.

Adolf Castman's bird map

Surveyor Adolf Castman
Surveyor Adolf Castman (click on image for larger version).

On this map of Östra Eneby parish in Östergötlands län (new window) the surveyor Adolf Castman has drawn in a small bird that holds the shell stick in its beak, but what kind of bird has he actually drawn?

On the same map, the surveyor fit to draw himself in his finest clothes - complete with heels, sword, hat and wig!

A small bird holds the skull in its beak.
A small bird holds the skull in its beak.

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