Community facilities

A community facility is a facility that is owned and taken care of by several properties together, such as roads, piers or playgrounds. We help you with how a community facility can be formed, managed, changed or removed. 

Examples of purposes for community facilities 

Community facilities can, for example, be formed for the following common purposes:

  • Individual roads. Learn more about individual roads.
  • Parking spaces or garage
  • Water and sewage systems
  • Green areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Bridges
  • Bathing areas
  • Broadband for data and TV
  • Staircases and lifts

A community facility is reported in the property register and has its own register designation, for example Oskarshamn Berga ga: 1. A community facility is set up, changed or revoked in a surveying service. In the property register, the procedure is reported as a construction measure.

The community facility must first be formed

A community facility must be formed through a surveying service. Surveying costs and how much the cost will be depends on how much time we need to work on the case.

Read more about forming community facilities.

How to take care of your community facility

All properties in the community association are co-owners of a community facility. They then have both a legal and financial responsibility to manage it. You together form a special facility community.

Read about different ways to take care of the community facility.

If something needs to be changed

An existing community facility may sometimes need to be changed. The most common is to change percentages, but you may also need reconsider, remove or make other changes.

What will it cost?

Surveying costs and how much the cost will depend on how much time we need to work with the case.

Take a look at some examples of community facility costs

Questions and answers about community facilities

New property owners automatically become co-owners of the community facility.

The community facility, and the land that is leased for it, is common property for the properties that are connected to the community facility. The participation in the community facility is linked to the ownership of each property.

When a property that has a share in a community facility is sold, the new owner therefore automatically becomes a partner in the community facility. The new property owner then also commits to the decisions that were announced when the community facility was once formed.

It appears from the facility decision who participates in the community facility and what percentages the participants have.

There may have been changes in the properties that participate in the community facility, through, for example, a subdivision or changes in percentages through changes in the use of properties, following the facility decision. Therefore, in addition to the construction decision, you also need an extract from the property register.

Order register extracts via our form (pdf, new window) and send via e-mail to Or contact our Customer Center and ask for a copy of the facility decision, an extract from the property register for the community facility, and any extracts from the administrative documents that are registered at the community facility after the facility decision.

If you are the owner of a property that is part of a community facility, you can see for yourself which other properties are included in the same community facility via the e-service My property. The service requires e-identification. If you want to know who owns each property, there is our e-service Who owns the property.

At the Customer Center, you will also receive information about any costs for the information. In order for us to help you, you need to be able to give us information about:

the property designation for at least one property that has a share in the community facility orthe registration name of the community facility (municipality and district name GA: XX) orthe name of the community association and the county where the association is located.

If measures have been taken after the construction decision, you need to check in the respective administrative act what changes have taken place in the circle of participants. For some older road associations, there are shortcomings in the Real Estate Register that necessitate further investigation.

In some cases, the properties that participate in a community facility appear directly in an extract from the Property Register. This mainly applies when a construction transaction has taken place recently.

The proportions determine what each property must pay for the construction and maintenance (operation and maintenance) of the facility. The percentages are decided at the surveying service.

The proportions for construction depend on how much benefit each property has from being a partner in the community facility.

The percentages for operation and maintenance mainly depend on how much the property is expected to use the facility.

If appropriate, the percentages for operation and maintenance can be supplemented with a charging system, for example for water consumption, to primarily cover these costs. In order for it to be valid, the basis for the fee system must be decided in the procedure.

Yes. When dividing properties into height and depth, so-called three-dimensional property formation, it is especially important to decide which facilities are to be managed jointly, such as stairwells, lifts and pipes.

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