Three-dimensional property division

A three-dimensional (3D) property can be below or above ground. Underground garages and owner-occupied apartments are examples of 3D properties.

Advantages of 3D properties

The advantages of 3D properties are, for example, that buildings and facilities in city centers can be used more efficiently. For example, by building existing houses with additional storeys or by building homes, shops and offices over track areas.

This can also apply to areas with unused rock spaces where the underground facilities can be divided into their own properties for, for example, garages, warehouses or data communication.

How to apply for the formation of a 3D property

When creating a 3D property, you need to apply for a surveying service via our form. Once we have received your application, an investigation will begin. Here you can read more about what happens when we receive your application.

Prerequisites for forming a 3D property

A prerequisite for being allowed to form a 3D property is that the property is intended to house a building or other facility or It is also assumed that the 3D property leads to a more efficient management of the facility or that it is needed for the financing or construction.The property must accommodate at least three residential apartments in order for it to be permitted to form a 3D property intended for All prerequisites can be found in The Property Development Act (opens in a new window) .

Processing time and costs for the formation of a 3D property

The time we need to spend on a case determines the price. The duration is affected by the extent of the change that you applied for is. Lantmäteriet can not give any advance notice of the matter is feasible or what it will cost. Here you can read more about fees.

The processing time of each case is affected by how extensive the requested change is. Here you can read more about processing times.

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