Owner-occupied apartments

In 2009, a new form of housing was introduced in Sweden - owner-occupied flats. This means that it is possible to own your own apartment in an apartment building.

What does it mean to own an owner-occupied apartment?

Owner-occupied apartment means increased self-determination because you own the apartment and apply for legal registration according to the same rules as for other types of properties.

You have complete control over the apartment and can repaint, change kitchens, rent it out and so on. Just as for those who own a villa or a terraced house, there is also the opportunity to mortgage, mortgage and transfer their property.

This is how an owner-occupied apartment is formed:

en surveying service. In order for us to do a surveying service, you need to make a written application. The surveying service is carried out in a dialogue between surveyors and those affected by the measure. such as roofs, facades, lifts, trunks).

For common areas, a so-called community in which each owner-occupied apartment in the house has a share. For common facilities, a so-called community facility in which each owner-occupied apartment in the house also has a share.

The community and the community facility are jointly managed by the owners of the owner-occupied apartments through a special association, a community association.

The owners are members of the association. The association is obliged to fund money for the future maintenance of the common property. The costs for the operation of the common areas and facilities are distributed between the co-owners.

When may owner-occupied flats be formed?

Owner apartments may only be formed if:

  • it is a cohesive unit of at least three owner-occupied apartments
  • the space of which the apartment consists has not been used as a dwelling at any time during the last eight years. means that owner-occupied flats can be formed during new housing construction and when business or office premises are converted into residential flats.

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