Reparcelling means that the property division changes in larger contiguous areas and that small forest parcels are gathered into larger ones. All parcels are valued and the difference in value between the new land holding and the old is settled with money.

The purpose of reparcelling is to create more practical forest and agricultural properties in areas where ownership is extremely fragmented. There is currently reparcelling under way in Dalarna.

Before reparcelling can commence, the conditions for its implementation are examined. By conducting a feasibility study, the county administrative board investigates whether the conditions exist for reparcelling a certain area where landowners have expressed interest in this. The aim of the feasibility study is to provide both landowners and authorities with increased knowledge on the area concerned. The preliminary study includes the following elements:

  • Information on owners and their land holdings is produced.
  • Claimed property boundaries are measured and map data is established.
  • A preliminary cost estimate, timetable and financing plan are produced.
  • Current knowledge regarding natural and cultural values in the area is gathered.

The county administrative board conducts the feasibility study in collaboration with Lantmäteriet.

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