Community association

A community or a community facility is usually managed by a community association. Lantmäteriet is the authority that registers associations and assigns organization numbers to associations.

What is a community association?

The purpose of a community association is to manage and manage common areas and facilities. When Lantmäteriet has formed a community facility, a community association can also be formed.

The community association is a legal person. The members of the association are the property owners of the properties that have a share in the association. Within the community association, it is decided how the community should be managed. That's why management works even if everyone doesn't agree.

Lantmäteriet has a special register of all community associations. The register contains information about the association and its organization such as the composition of the board and signatories.

Shareholder management

A partnership can also be managed through shareholder management. It can work for communities where few properties are included and where costs for operation and maintenance are low. In co-ownership management, all members must agree on all decisions.
If the co-owners do not agree, Lantmäteriet can help by holding a co-owner meeting. The fee for a shareholder meeting is SEK 900 per hour and is calculated based on the time we spend helping you. You do not pay VAT.

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