Run a community association

In a community association, the participating property owners are responsible for the operation and maintenance of what is owned together, such as land or community facilities. You in samfällighetsföreningen choose how you want to manage your community, Lantmäteriet has no role in this.

Who should I turn to?

When it comes to, for example, questions about how the community association should make decisions, tax and budget issues and disputes in the association, we recommend that you turn to experts in the private market.

Information on, for example, information changes, statute changes, name changes and register extracts can be found in Samfällighetsföreningsregistret - SFR.

Administration of a community association

Association administration means that a community, for example a community facility, is managed by a community association. A community association is a legal entity and registered in Lantmäteriets register.

It is important to distinguish between the property's needs and the property owner's needs. The administration should only apply to the property's needs , for example, an exit road.

Read more about how you do to form a community association.

Literature and external sources

For inquiries that do not fit within the scope of our business, we can refer to certain literature and external sources.

Literature tips:

  • Österberg, T. (2023). Samfälligheter. Handbok för samfällighetsföreningar (13:e uppl.). Stockholm: Norstedts Juridik. ISBN 9789139028109.
  • Lundén, B. (2022). Samfälligheter. Praktisk handbok om skatt, ekonomi & juridik. Näsviken: Björn Lundén Information. ISBN 9789176952726.

External sources:

Conditions for contact with respective actor may exist.

Questions and answers

Lantmäteriet can, based on registered information in the property register, produce a list of owners of properties that have shares in a community or community facility. This information may be needed when, for example, notices are to be sent out to members of a community association.

The information on part-owned properties and percentages may be incomplete, for example if the land community or community facility was formed a long time ago when it was not there were requirements to report communities in the property register .

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Center.

A billing length is a list of how much each member must pay to a community association, see §§ 41-42, the Act (1973: 1150) on the management of communities. The sum is determined by how large a share each property has in the object that the community association manages. At the association's general meeting, the board must present a budget and a billing length.

The billing length must state:

  • the total amount to be taxed
  • what is to be paid by each member
  • when payment is to be made at the latest

A list of property owners facilitates the establishment of the debit length.

The register extract is an official proof for a certain community association and shows the contents of the Community Association register. You may need the proof, for example, for banking matters. The register extract also contains information about the association's organization number.

The register extract is free of charge and can be ordered from Samfällighetsföreningsregistret via

A decision-making board of a community association in its entirety always has the right to sign the association's name and is authorized to represent the association. The Board has the right to appoint a special signatory (Section 34 SFL). Such a signatory has the same authority as the board to represent the association in relation to third parties (§ 37 SFL). The board can at any time withdraw the permit to sign the association's name (§ 34 SFL).

In order for banks and others to know who or who is the association's signatory, the board must report this to Lantmäteriet s Community Association Register.

Notify the community association's board that you have sold your property and tell us who the new owner is. The owner of a property that has a share in a community is automatically a member of the community association that manages the community.

Which properties have a share in a community is stated in the Property Register.

You can contact Lantmäteriet 's customer center and ask if your property has a share in any community facility or community.

When there is no longer a community for the association to manage (manage). For a detailed description, see Sections 61-65 of the Act (1973: 1150) on the management of communities.

If there is no board for the community association of which you are a member, you must contact the county administrative board. They then test whether a so-called employee can be commissioned to run the association until a new board is elected. The employee primarily replaces a board member. On the other hand, the employee takes over the entire board work and can handle the association's affairs alone and represent the association. The principal's main task is to ensure that a decision-making board is appointed.

Even if it is the county administrative board that appoints an employee, it is the community association that must pay the employee's fee and costs for travel and more.

An employee can only be appointed when there is no decision-making board. See Sections 31-33 of the Act (1973: 1150) on the management of communities.

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