Change percentages

The proportions in an existing community facility can be changed in various ways. On this page we describe how you can proceed, what it costs and what can be good to think about. 

Change percentages in accordance with the facility decision (24a AL)

If the community association's board has the authority to decide on the percentages, you can apply to change the percentages in accordance with section 24 a of the Facilities Act.

How the share numbers may be changed must be stated in the construction decision. It says, for example, what the board of the community association itself can decide on.

Use the form Change of percentage (24a AL) (pdf, new window). The board's decision only applies when Lantmäteriet has registered new co-operative figures.

As soon as the board has made a decision to change the number of shares, they will notify the property owner concerned of the decision.

Cost of applying (Section 24a of the Civil Engineering Act)

When you change the co-operative figures, you pay SEK 3,250 per community facility and SEK 700 per property.


The cost of changing the percentage for 10 properties will be SEK 3,250 + (SEK 700 x 9) = SEK 9,550.

Remember! It costs, even if what you apply for cannot be implemented or if you take it back. application.

Change percentages, request entry or exit by agreement (43 AL)

If you want to change percentages or request entry or exit for one or more properties, you can apply for agreement on a changed percentage (43 AL).

If the community facility is managed by a community association, the board first needs to agree with the property owner on the new percentage. then to take effect, you need to apply for approval of Lantmäteriet .

If the community facility is managed by a co-owner administration, all co-owners need to agree on the new share.

To apply, use the form Agreement on changed percentage (43 AL) (pdf, new window). The agreement only applies when it has been approved and registered by Lantmäteriet.

Get help and take part in various compensation rules, as well as what information we need to get and information about in our handling; agreement on shareholding in a community facility according to section 43 of the Facilities Act .

Cost of applying (Section 43 of the Facilities Act)

An application for approval costs SEK 6,500 per community facility and SEK 700 per property in addition to the first.

Example 1

You send in two agreements for the same property but in two different community facilities.

SEK 6,500 x 2 = SEK 13,000

Example 2

You send in two agreements for two different properties in the same community facility.

SEK 6,500 + SEK 700 = SEK 7,200

Remember! It costs money, even if what you apply for cannot be implemented or if you withdraw the application.

Other ways to change percentages 

Sometimes the community facility is so old or outdated in other ways that it is not possible to change the percentages in a simple way, then you may instead need to reconsider The construction decision itself, you do this by applying for a loan metering service and a so-called construction service. Read more about changing or removing a community facility

It is you who need to decide whether it is time to reconsider the facility decision Riksförbundet Enskilda Vägar - REV and the Swedish Homeowners' Association provide free advice to their member associations. REV also publishes the EVA REV handbook. You can also turn to an expert on the open market for advice. 

Questions and answers about changing percentages

A facility decision is a decision that Lantmäteriet makes in connection with the formation or change of a community facility in a so-called reconsideration. The construction decision states, for example:

  • which properties are included in the community facility and what percentages each property has.
  • what the community facility covers, for example how wide a road should be and whether there should be lighting.

If your property is part of a community facility, you can take part in the decision if you log in with e-identification on My page.

The facility decision is described in the file from when the community facility was formed. If other measures have taken place after the community facility was established, you can also take part in later administrative documents.

You can also turn to the association, or to Lantmäteriet's customer center.

It is clear from the decision whether the community's board has the authority to apply for a change in the shares.

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