Form a community facility

A community facility must be formed through a surveying service. Surveying costs and how much the cost will be depends on how much time we need to work on the case. 

Property owners and some authorities can apply

A community facility is formed by property owners who want to be involved in owning and managing the community facility applying for a surveying service, a so-called construction service. Some authorities can also make an application.

Needs to be of significant and permanent importance

The facility needs to be of significant and permanent importance for the part-owned properties. In practice, this means that the residents must have a need for the community, both when it is formed and in the longer term. Nor must it be a question of a more temporary need or need that is more related to a particular property owner's personal need than to the property as such, or a need that will arise in the future.

Costs for to apply

Surveying costs and how much the cost will be depends on how much time we need to work with the case.

It can cost more if:

  • you are many who are affected and need to be involved and have an opinion while we work with the application.
  • you do not agree on what you want the application to be, how any compensation should be paid, or who should pay what.
  • There are many alternative solutions or ambiguities that need to be investigated before we make a decision. 

Before you apply, feel free to do this:

  • talk to the other property owners and agree on what you want to be included in your application.
  • Appoint one or more people who can answer the questions that may arise while we are working on the application.

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Take a look at cost examples and see examples of what affects costs associated with community facilities.

Processing time

See current averages for our processing times.

How to apply

Fill in the form at the top of this page.

In your application for surveying service, it is good if you enter as much information as possible, for example:

  • the purpose, location, size and other details of the community facility that may be of importance.
  • which properties are to participate in the community facility.
  • which properties provide land for the community facility
  • within what time the community facility must be completed.

When we work with your application for a surveying service, we also decide on rules for how the properties should cooperate to build, manage and distribute the costs for Each participating property is allocated a part of the community facility, a so-called percentage.

Questions and answers about forming a community facility

Economic or social benefits:

Simply put, the benefits of a community facility should outweigh the disadvantages. The benefits can be economic or social. These advantages must therefore outweigh the costs and disadvantages that the community facility entails. In addition, it is required that the founding of a community facility is supported by a certain opinion from the property owners. But, even if the public is against an establishment, a community facility can still be formed if the need for the facility is particularly urgent.

Significant need:

In order for a property to be able to be connected to a community facility, it is normally required that the facility is of significant importance to the property. There must be a clear need for the property to have access to the utility referred to in the community facility. A community facility can in some cases be set up against the will of one or more property owners.

Establishment of a community facility means that certain land or other space is used. Land or other space for a community facility may be used on a property that is to participate in the community facility or on another property, if it does not cause much harm to the property. The provision means that the necessary space is provided with an easement-like right.

Even if the community facility entails a significant load on the property, space can be provided if the facility is needed for a larger number of properties or is otherwise of significant importance from a general point of view. In such a case, however, the property or part of the property must be redeemed, if the owner so requests.

Yes. If the compensation that has been decided has not been paid within one year after the compensation decision has been made. Or if what is to be carried out according to the construction decision has not taken place within the time specified in the construction decision. The due date rule means, even if a certain part of the facility has been completed, that the entire facility decision is due. It is therefore important that the decisions are followed within the specified time so that the entire surveying service does not become ineffective.

If there is a risk that the decided measures will not be carried out in time, a co-owner can apply for the surveying authority to appoint an external party who is authorized to implement the construction decision.

Yes. Even if a facility decision is valid for the time being, a community facility can be revoked through a reconsideration procedure. For example, when a municipality has changed a detailed plan and takes over the main responsibility for roads. Then a community facility for the roads is no longer needed.

Read more about reconsideration

It is decided in the surveying service. It is decided how much compensation as owner of the properties that will be charged by the community facility shall be allocated. Either the property owners concerned can agree on the compensation themselves or the surveying authority makes an assessment of which compensation is to be paid.

When the surveying authority values, the compensation is allocated according to the same principles as in the case of expropriation, ie compensation is paid for the reduction in market value. In most cases, moreover, a reasonable part of the profit that arises from the establishment of a community facility must be distributed to the property that leases land. The compensation paid is a one-time compensation and must be paid no later than three months after the decision on compensation has been made.

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