BM structure

A special version, BM structure (BMS-win), is used by Lantmäteriet in Dalarna for re-rounds. Re-rounds are carried out in close collaboration with the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Forest Agency.

What is done when re-rounding?

During re-rounds, a laser scan is first performed in combination with a certain aerial image interpretation where data on the stocks is collected. The forest data is transferred to field data collectors which are taken out into the forest for control and inventory and the stock map is entered into a Geographical Information System.

The map is combined with information about owners from Lantmäteriet 's property data system. The forest is then valued with BMS-win. End products are the valuation of each individual landowner's forest holdings before and after the redistribution.

Facts about redistribution

  • There are about 500,000 hectares in Sweden that are in need of redistribution.
  • A redistribution normally covers 5,000 - 20,000 hectares and takes approx. three years to complete.
  • Protective larger nature conservation objects can be laid as common land.
  • Read more about Re-rounding.

Facts about BMS-win

  • Degree evaluation is performed consistently.
  • Road transport costs with 4 road classes are included.

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