Validation of metadata and services

To make it easier for the authorities to fulfill their commitments, the coordinator has developed a number of quality assurance procedures. Here you can read about these procedures.

Quality assurance is based on trust and confidence

The quality assurance of the Swedish infrastructure for geodata is based, in the same way as other Swedish administrative traditions, on trust and confidence, and it is assumed that authorities fulfill their obligations.

Routines for quality assurance

Metadata profile

A national metadata profile ensures that all metadata in Sweden meets both national needs and the requirements of INSPIRE. The metadata profile is based on ISO 19115. All metadata that is published must follow the profile. The profile is managed by SIS.

Validation in the Geodata portal

A validation routine ensures that all metadata published in the Geodata portal meets the Swedish metadata profile. The routine checks that all mandatory fields in the metadata profile are filled in before publication.

Annual metadata update

At least once a year, metadata in the Geodata portal must be updated. At these times, the content of the metadata must also be checked and, if necessary, updated. Publishing authorities can be supported in the work of quality assurance of metadata, in the form of webinars.

Automatic extraction

The metadata catalog is used for automatic extraction of information, for example for compiling the annual report to the European Commission. The information extracted is quality assured and any errors are rectified.

Guidelines for implementation

Lantmäteriet has in its role as coordinator developed guidelines to make it easier for authorities to interpret and understand the requirements of INSPIRE.

The guidelines summarize the requirements set in various documents, clarify these and, where appropriate, provide suggestions for Swedish interpretations and / or solutions on how the requirements should best be met.

The guidelines must ensure that all authorities have access to the same information and follow the same regulations when developing services or harmonizing data.


Lantmäteriet conducts minor surveys on how relevant authorities meet the requirements of Inspire and agrees at meetings with INSPIRE working group.

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