Trainee programs and degree projects

For us, it is important to give you the opportunity to get to know us as an employer in different ways. We offer the opportunity to do degree projects, summer jobs and be a trainee in IT with us.

Trainee program

You do the trainee program together with other system developers. We offer you a tailor-made program where you get to know our entire organization and during the program you get support from experienced colleagues. You also get a sponsor who is with you as support and sounding board throughout your trainee period.

Our IT unit, to which you will belong, has the task to contribute to the development of Lantmäteriet 's operations by providing efficient system solutions and services. We work in a modern environment with DevOps and agile methods and you will be part of a team with a lot of responsibility and authority. In close collaboration with the business, we develop one of the region's largest and most advanced IT environments.

After completing the trainee program, you will be part of one of our agile system development teams.

The IT trainee program includes:

  • a tailor-made program that includes introduction, training and internships
  • courses in our tools and environments
  • en sponsor who will accompany you throughout your trainee period
  • opportunity to attend a suitable conference or similar during the trainee period
  • an opportunity to get acquainted with Lantmäteriet 's entire organization and operations
  • a unique opportunity to build networks that benefit your continued career

The application period for the trainee program opens 1 February 2023. Program start September 2023.

The application period for the trainee program is closed.

Degree projects

We prioritize students who study in areas that are relevant to our industry. Mainly students with educations that match the professional groups that are with us. Is your educational background relevant but of a more unexpected and unknown to the industry? Feel free to tell us a little more about your educational background and in which professional areas it is relevant. Then your request can be handled faster.

The students who write a degree project with us get a contact person who has the task of being the one to whom you can ask your questions and who provides the information you need. From Lantmäteriet 's perspective, the contact person can also be involved and influence the focus on the subject so that the results of the degree project are relevant to Lantmäteriet .

To register your interest, contact the respective contact person within each subject area. Current topics and contacts can be found here.

Here you can read a number of completed degree projects .

Workplace and compensation

Depending on where in the country you as a student are to write your degree project, you may have the opportunity to borrow a workplace at the current Surveying offices: It varies what opportunities there are in the form of vacant office space and what you and your contact person consider relevant to your degree project.

For an approved thesis comprising 30 higher education credits, we pay a fee of SEK 30,000, for 15 higher education credits we pay SEK 15,000. If there are several students who jointly complete the degree project/dissertation, the fee is shared between the students.

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