To school staff

We at Lantmäteriet think it is important to start working with professional knowledge in time. That is why we have created a digital material for you.

Lantmäteriet's offer for primary and secondary school

Below we have compiled Lantmäteriet 's offers for primary and secondary school. We want to make it easier for young people to get an idea of what it can be like to work in our industry, showcase professions and tasks. 

Study and career counselors and teachers

  • Skype meetings with presentation of how Geoschool works for professionals in primary school.
  • Study visits, lessons / inspirational lectures for teachers and studies and career counselors in upper secondary school.

Grades 1-3 in high school

7-9 high school


  • Geoskolan, map tools and lesson suggestions with information from several authorities.
  • Make a treasure hunt with the help of

Here you will find information material about us

Tips on movies you can use in your teaching

Maps in modern society

When do we use map information and for what - historical, present, fantasy and future? How can Snapchat see where you are? How to find Mordor ? And what would happen if all maps disappeared?

Film about the significance of the map – Youtube (in Swedish, new window).

Geodata in society

What do self-driving cars, forest fires and missing people have in common? For everyone, geodata plays a crucial role.

Film about the importance of geodata for the development of society – Youtube (in Swedish, new window).

Surveyors - a future profession

What is it like to work as a Surveyor? Here, surveying surveyors from Lantmäteriet talk about their everyday lives and how they are involved in shaping tomorrow's Sweden.

Film about what it's like to work as a Surveyor – Youtube (in Swedish, new window).

System developer - an important profession for Sweden's development

How is it to work as a system developer? Here, a system developer talks about what a job in IT can mean.

Film about what it is like to work as a system developer – Youtube (in Swedish, new window).

Measurement and mapping engineer - a profession for you who want to work outside and inside and be a clear part of societal development

Here a surveying and mapping engineer talks about his work.

Film about what it can be like to work as a surveying and mapping engineer – Youtube (in Swedish, new window).


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