No matter what you work with at Lantmäteriet is you contribute to the benefit of society and are the basis of everything. What you do in everyday life matters to others. There are also other benefits to working with us.

The hybrid workplace

We are constantly evolving and always strive to provide a flexible and sustainable way of working. The hybrid workplace means that, as far as the business and current regulations allow, you as an employee with us can perform your work tasks in a place other than the office.


The number of holiday days to which you are entitled depends on your age. As a government employee, you are entitled to paid holiday already the first year you are employed.

  • Up to and including the age of 29, you are entitled to 28 days.
  • From the age of 30, you are entitled to 31 days.
  • From the age of 40, you are entitled to 35 days.

Work environment and wellness

At Lantmäteriet We believe that a good working environment is important for achieving an attractive workplace. We offer occupational health care and compensation for wellness activity at your leisure. We offer special working glasses to those who need them.

Flexible working hours for many employees

Most of our employees have flexible working hours. This means that during parts of the day you can plan your working hours yourself as long as it works for the business. The weekly working time at Lantmäteriet is 39 hours and 45 minutes.

Most employees also have a reduction in working hours before certain public holidays.

If you become ill

If you become ill for more than 14 days, Lantmäteriet supplements the sickness benefit from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency by paying out so that you receive approximately 90 percent of your income. This applies between days 15 - 365 in the sick leave.

If you need, you can make doctor's appointments and emergency dental visits during paid working hours. You may also be on paid leave on certain other occasions, such as at a close relative's funeral and estate register.

You also have the opportunity to receive compensation for medical care, certain dental care and psychological treatment as well as medical treatment and hospital care. You may make these visits during working hours after reconciliation with your manager. Medical care also includes mammography, cell sampling and PSA tests. We offer reimbursement for prescription drugs that are included in the high-cost protection.

Benefits for you as a parent

If you are to be on parental leave, Lantmäteriet an extra allowance of 10 percent of your salary, which means that you can receive up to 90 percent of your salary during most of your leave.

Extra security

If there is a shortage of work and you are terminated, you will have a longer notice period through a conversion agreement than the one that follows from LAS or a central collective agreement. The total notice period in employment can, together with the longer notice period according to the adjustment agreement, be a maximum of 12 months. You can receive the financial reinforcements that consist of unemployment benefit reinforcement and income reinforcement for new employment with a lower salary. You can receive support for education, internships and possibly receive financial support if you start your own business.


As an employee at Lantmäteriet you also receive a contractual pension that consists of several parts. It complements the general pension to which everyone is entitled. You have the right to choose how part of the contractual pension is to be managed.

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