Summer jobs

With us, you can work in the summer in areas such as real estate education, property registration, case reception and customer center. You will be a valuable employee who makes a difference together with fantastic colleagues.

Make contacts and grow

Lantmäteriet is the authority that maps Sweden. Our duties also include registering and securing the ownership of all properties and managing their boundaries.

During the summer there is an opportunity to get a closer look at our work, while you contribute and support with your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to make contacts and develop with us. We offer a summer job that contributes to sustainable community building!

Available summer jobs

A tip is to apply for several positions to increase your chances of working with us this summer. All links lead to Visma's Swedish website and open in a new window.

Business Surveyors and Surveying and Mapping Engineers
Business surveyor, Alingsås
Business surveyor, Eksjö
Surveying and mapping engineer, Eksjö
Business surveyor, Göteborg
Business surveyor, Halmstad
Business surveyor, Hudiksvall
Business surveyor, Härnösand
Business surveyor, Jönköping
Surveying and mapping engineer, Jönköping
Business surveyor, Kalmar
Measuring and mapping engineer, Kalmar
Business surveyor, Karlskrona
Business surveyor, Kristianstad
Business surveyor alt. Surveying and mapping engineer, Lidköping
Business surveyor, Linköping
Business surveyor, Malmö
Business surveyor, Mariestad
Surveying and Mapping Engineer, Mora
Surveyor, Norrbotten och Västerbotten 
Business surveyor, Norrtälje
Business surveyor, Torsby
Business surveyor, Uppsala
Business surveyor, Visby
Business surveyor, Västervik
Surveying and mapping engineer, Västervik
Business surveyor, Västerås
Business surveyor, Växjö
Measuring and mapping engineer, Växjö
Business surveyor, Ängelholm

How to apply

You apply via the "Apply now" button in the advertisement. Then enter your details in your CV account. You can easily log in and update your information whenever you want. The data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Ordinance. Through your application, you consent to the processing.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming that we have received it. The application can be made right up until 24.00 on the last day of application.

When will I be notified?

We will get back to you who applied for a position during March and April.

Some of our summer workers

Ellen has had to deal with land surveying procedures

Ellen Thonfors is in the second year of the Land Surveying program, legal specialization, at Uppsala University. She worked as administrative surveyor at Lantmäteriet , Kalmar , summer 2023.

What was the best thing about your summer job?

- We had a great atmosphere and very good cohesion. I have felt welcome and been able to ask questions, I think you develop by asking questions. I've learned a lot.

– The variety of tasks – one day meetings in a shirt and suit trousers, the other day I've had to cast pipes in full construction worker clothing.

What have you had to do ?

– I have had to manage my own affairs together with supervisors and with support from the other summer jobs. It's a bit of "tough love", but sometimes it's good to just throw yourself out. I've also had to be out casting pipes, finding boundary markings, measuring – I've had to do everything.

Fair-haired woman wearing work clothes sits by the roadside and collects soil in a bucket. In front of her is a shovel, work gloves and other tools.
Ellen Thonfors worked in the summer as an administrative surveyor in Kalmar. In addition to taking care of matters, she had to join in casting pipes. Photo: Axel Wolke/Lantmäteriet.

Max made sure that Swepos worked

Max Fahlgren Brodin is in his fourth year of the civil engineering program in land surveying technology, specialization in technical land surveying, at the University of Gävle. He worked as an operations engineer at Swepos, Lantmäteriet 's head office in Gävle, in the summer of 2023.

What was the best part of your summer job?

– That's exactly what I'm studying, the job was a perfect fit in the glove. Having done it before, it was comfortable – I know this and feel appreciated. It's a cool place, a bit like the CIA. And then there is always AC, which can be nice in the summer.

What have you had to do?

– Swepos is a network of reference stations that collects satellite data and makes it possible to determine position. It is used, among other things, in construction projects and in agriculture. We make sure that the network works and comes into operation.

– This was the third summer I worked at Swepos. Sometimes we have gone on service trips to a broken station, but usually we contact electrical companies that install and we check that it works in the system. There are many different alarms, some things are quick to fix, others are more complicated. We are constantly looking online during our "office hours" 6:30 a.m.–5 p.m. And after 17, there is always someone on standby, all year round.

Brown-haired man wearing a green sweater sits in front of a computer in an office environment.
Max Fahlgren Brodin worked his third summer at Swepos. He ensured that the network of reference stations was up and running. Photo: Karin Tjulin/Lantmäteriet.

Films on summer workers

Linn Gäfvert summer worked on images and height data in the summer of 2022. She worked on the project digitization of aerial images, the so-called "daffen" (in Swedish).

Martin Lindahl and Reem Al-Daghestani worked as administrative surveyors in Karlskrona in the summer of 2022 (in Swedish).

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