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Do you like law and are interested in society? Do you like technology, have an interest in maps, maybe you want to work both indoors and outdoors? Do you like technology and programming? If you choose to study in civil engineering, IT or surveying at a college/university, you have the opportunity to get a job that contributes to the development of society and contains varied and developing tasks.

We need you who want to educate yourself in IT, community building and surveying. You are the one who will build the society of the future!


The labor market is good for you with an academic degree with a focus on community building and surveying. Every year in the future, Lantmäteriet and other authorities, municipalities and companies in Sweden will need to hire new employees with surveying training.

You can choose a technical or legal profile. There are legal elements in several of the technical educations. The master's degree programs from Lund and Stockholm have several tracks. Those that include real estate law and Geographical IT are the tracks that can lead to work at Lantmäteriet. The Master of Science in Engineering in Gävle has a technical profile.

If you focus specifically on economics and law, you can be responsible for changing, and ensuring the right to use land and buildings. You can also work with buying, selling and valuing properties or run and manage construction projects. Even you who have trained as a lawyer can work with the legal part of the public construction industry. If you choose to focus on technology, you can work with maps, measurement and geographical information systems.

If you choose to educate yourself in the IT industry, a labor market awaits where you can combine your interest in programming, technology and development. You will be an important part of Sweden's development.

Fifteen films about Lantmäteriet's questions

Do you want to know more about Lantmäteriet´s way of working? Then you can watch the program series UR Samtiden - borders, place names and maps on UR Play. The series consists of 15 episodes on Land Survey questions.

Take part in the entire program series on the UR Play website (new window)

Film about Lantmäteriet

The film is only in Swedish.


Here you will also find links to various educations in community building that can lead to a job with us.

In the brochure Interest test, do you want to become a community builder? in Swedish (pdf, new window) you can find out if a profession in our industry is for you. 

Educate as a civil engineer or take a master's degree in surveying

Master's degree programs and master's programs in surveying:

Three-year educations where you can work in surveying

Bachelor's degree programs in surveying:

Three-year educations where you can work in Geodata or as a surveying and mapping engineer in the Real Estate Development area

Training for system developers or operations technicians

If you want to work as a system developer, you need you often have a three-year education at a college or university. If you want to work as an operations technician, you can study relevant education at a polytechnic or an education at a college or university.

Below you see a selection of educations in the IT area that can lead to a job at Lantmäteriet.

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