Research in geodata

Lantmäteriet has from 2016 a research plan for the geodata area. The plan is revised every year, and activities in the latest plan can be found in the picture below.

Overall research areas

The overall research areas in the plan are:

  • The Geodetic reference systems management, use and sustainability over time as well as technology and methods for position determination
  • National information model regarding 3D
  • Techniques for collecting geodata and production methods
  • Harmonization of geodata in a national perspective

Research is not a separate area of activity, but the activities described in the research plan must be incorporated into the area of activity's business planning.

The unit for operational coordination, the section for development, is responsible for driving and ensuring the implementation of Lantmäteriet 's research plan (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

Read more about Lantmäteriet 's competence supply strategy (in Swedish, pdf, new window) and about our industry doctoral students' research .

This happens every year

August-September : The research plan is revised and sent for consultation.

September: The plan is decided and approved.

October: The plan's activities are taken into account in business planning.

Ongoing : Research grants are sought for calls and needs, together with world universities. Surveillance of the world according to Lantmäteriet 's routines.


For more information , contact Jesper Paasch via or phone number 026-63 30 01.

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