Doctoral student project

Here you can find doctoral projects within Lantmäteriet .

Physical geodesy and international elevation systems

Anders Alfredsson, industrial doctoral student, researches in physical geodesy and international elevation systems. The project is part of the research assignment that Lantmäteriet and the unit for Geodetic Infrastructure have and are conducted in collaboration with the University of Gävle. Anders has previously worked at Lantmäteriet and the unit for Geodetic Infrastructure.

An international reference system at the height of a globally adapted reference level has been discussed for a long time, in recent years however, the work has been intensified and the reference system can now be realized.

A common global reference level means that altitude information can be exchanged and compared between different continents, which is a prerequisite for international studies that include altitude information. The dissertation will focus on the regional realization of the international reference system in height in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Digitization of the community building process

Linda Aldén, industrial doctoral student, researches in digitization of the community building process. The research project aims to investigate the basic preconditions for a cohesive digital community building process. The project was initiated by Lantmäteriet and is conducted in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Linda Aldén is a surveyor with extensive experience within the authority. The final part of the dissertation will deal with the relationship between permitted land use and property subdivision and how this affects the possibility of streamlining and digitizing the property development process.

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