Our contribution to Agenda 2030

Lantmäteriet 's activities affect the agenda in all areas of sustainability, environmental, social / societal and economic development. Through an analysis, 11 sub-goals have been identified where we have a direct impact nationally.

Our international business

As Lantmäteriet also has an international business, a further analysis has been carried out to identify sub-goals where these projects have a major impact.

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Economic responsibility

Lantmäteriet has a broad impact on Sweden's economy. Our property register, together with the population register and the company register, are central sources for basic data within Sweden.

The property register is the Swedish state's official register of all the country's properties. It contains, for example, information on how the land is divided and who owns what, but also assessment and valuation unit information for land and buildings. The various parts of the property register can be used for lending, the community building process and new constructions. If an individual or organization wants to buy, sell or change their property, Lantmäteriet ensures this through a procedure which contributes to economic development.

We contribute to the following sub-goals:

  • Sub-goal 1.4 - Equal rights to property, basic services, technology and financial resources
  • Sub-goal 9.1 - Create sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure

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Social responsibility

Lantmäteriet is an important player in community building through property development and property registration, but also with our geodata.

Secured ownership is a prerequisite for the willingness to invest in and develop land, buildings and other facilities. Securing property rights is the foundation of the market economy, and a prerequisite for achieving many of the global goals. life and society.

Lantmäteriet also has a national coordination responsibility for geodata, which means that the authority leads the work of developing a national geodata strategy. for Sweden's societal development and is therefore based on four important societal challenges where geodata and the actors in the geodata area can contribute to a sustainable society. Read more about the national geodata strategy.

We contribute to the following sub-goals:

  • Sub-goal 1.4 - Equal rights to property, basic services, technology and financial resources
  • Sub-goal 11.3 - Inclusive and sustainable urbanization
  • Sub-goal 16.6 - Build efficient, reliable and transparent institutions
  • Sub-goal 16.10 - Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms

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Environmental responsibility

Lantmäteriet contributes to environmental sustainability and environmental goals within agenda 2030, among other things through our geodata.

As the Swedish environmental goals are benchmarks for Sweden's environmental work and show the way to the ecological dimension of Agenda 2030, Lantmäteriet both to Agenda 2030 and our national environmental goals through our products and services.

Together with other authorities, Lantmäteriet can contribute to environmental sustainability in a number of different goals, such as water management, climate adaptation but also to reduce Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions.

We contribute to the following sub-goals:

  • Sub-goal 6.5 - Integrated management of water resources
  • Sub-goal 13.1 - Strengthen resilience to and adaptability to climate-related disasters
  • Sub-goal 13.2 - Integrate measures against climate change into policy and planning
  • Sub-goal 15.1 - Preserve, restore and ensure sustainable use of ecosystems on land in freshwater

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Global partnership

Lantmäteriet has a well-developed international collaboration as part of achieving our expected goals.The international collaboration is regulated by our instructions.This includes collaboration with European and international organizations as well as participation in EU projects and service exports.

< span class = "notranslate"> Lantmäteriet contributes to global development through active participation in eg UN work and other international organizations, but also participates in several European and international organizations to follow what the international trend is, take develop and pursue common policy issues and to contribute to the development of harmonized data and services. Lantmäteriet also contributes to Swedish development aid policy by having a well-developed service export.

We contribute to the following sub-goals:

  • Sub-goal 17.6 - Collaborate and share knowledge about science, technology and innovation
  • Sub-goal 17.18 - Support the collection and dissemination of reliable data < / li>

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