3. Investigation

We start by investigating whether it is possible to implement the change you have applied for. An investigation takes different lengths of time depending on what your application is about and how easy or difficult it is to implement the change.

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How do we proceed when we investigate?

We follow the rules that exist and take into account information contained in our registers: plans, property information, registration information.

We get in touch and discuss with the authorities affected by your application, such as the municipality's building committee and the county administrative board. We do this to get their views on what you have applied for, such as a building permit or permit for water and sewage.

Field work = we measure and check on site

We stake out old property boundaries and measures new ones. You may need to be involved in the field work. In that case, we will agree on a time that suits you. Both before and after the fieldwork, we also make calculations and produce maps in our office.

Meeting - Maybe

Sometimes we who handle your case need to discuss something with the owners, ie you as a property owner and others affected by the surveying service. We do this to get as good a basis as possible for our decisions.

If you are called to a meeting, it is therefore important that you come and monitor your interests. The meetings are recorded so that it is clear what has been said. If all stakeholders agree from the outset and have signed an agreement on what to do, no meeting is often required.

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