Apply for login and administrator rights

Here you will find information on applying for login and administrator rights to the e-service "Apply for surveying and follow ongoing cases". As a legal entity or organization, you log in to follow your ongoing case regarding surveying.


Here you can apply for login and administrator rights. If you want to apply for authorization to more than one company or organization, you must provide a unique email address per company or organization.

Once we have received the application, we will email you login information. Then you can add those who should have access to the information about the case.

Apply for login and administrator rights (pdf, new window).

Add new user

As an administrator for a company or organization, you have the option to add new users. The login details are then sent to the new person's email address.

Assign permissions (pdf, new window).

If you have forgotten your password or username

If you have forgot your login details or if your password has expired, you can get existing login details or username and new password emailed to you.

Apply for a new password or get login details (new window).


For questions about logging in or technical problems, you can contact the Service Desk on phone number 020-43 00 22. They are open weekdays from 7am to 4pm.

For user questions, you can contact

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