Shore protection

In Sweden shore areas are protected. The aim of this is to keep the areas along shorelines accessible to the public and to preserve animal and plant life. This is an ongoing dataset that does not yet have a valid specification.


The shore protection applies to areas near coasts, lakes and watercourses. Within a shore protection area of at least 100 meters, construction of new buildings is not allowed.

Status: Test

Schedule: Valid specification 2024.

Responsible for the specification: Lantmäteriet/County Administrative Board.

National specifications

A national specification for shore protection is under development.

Test 2

Test 2 is now available:
National data product specification for shore protection Test 2 (in Swedish, pdf, new window) 

Feedback from Draft 2:
Viewpoints on Draft 2 (in Swedish, pdf, new window) 

Feedback from Draft 1:
Viewpoints on Draft 1 (in Swedish, pdf, new window) 

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