About the National Geodata Platform

The National Geodata Platform (NGP) enables everyone to access the amounts of data needed in the community building process. NGP includes several actors. The producers of the data sets are municipalities and state authorities and the data sets are provided via services with application interfaces (APIs).

Lantmäteriet functions as the spider in the web and offers a function as a data host. By data value is meant that Lantmäteriet stores and makes available geodata for the producers who choose this solution. In the work of developing the national geodata platform, national specifications are a central part.

National specifications and a framework for these, create conditions for several actors, such as municipalities, to work in a similar way. It facilitates and streamlines the exchange of information in the community building process. Creating a national geodata platform is a first step in digitizing the community building process.

The picture shows a process for how consumers and producers connect via coordinators or data hosts.

Smarter community-building process

The government's goal is for Sweden to become the best in the world at using the possibilities of digitization. Lantmäteriet works in collaboration with others towards a Smarter community building process, which aims to use the possibilities of digitization to create a simpler, more open and more efficient planning and construction process for the benefit of citizens, companies and other actors. In order to achieve a smarter community building process, a basic prerequisite is accessibility to nationally uniform and open information for all actors in the process, which is where NGP comes into the picture.

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Various actors in the National Geodata Platform


Municipalities or other state authorities (actor) that wants to make their data sets available via NGP.


A representative can be a municipality, authority or consultant who, on behalf of a producer, makes data sets available in NGP.

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An actor who via machine-to-machine interface (APIs for viewing, searching and downloading) joins NGP. The consumer approves Terms of Use (in swedish, pdf, new window)


An actor who uses data sets via a system or web solution. users can be a private person who uses Lantmäteriet 's e-service for viewing detailed plans or an administrator who uses the municipality's system for detailed plan work.


Lantmäteriet is the Coordinator and shall ensure functionality to make standardized amounts of data from the Producer available nationally via NGP, ie:

  • coordinate the production of national specifications, technical descriptions and frameworks
  • administer agreements and competencies
  • provide support and
  • develop and manage NGPs where municipalities and state authorities are given the opportunity to make their data sets available.

Data host

Data host is responsible for storing data sets s if Producer delivered for making available in NGP. The producer is still the information owner and responsible for the amount of data.

Different roles of an actor

In the connection process and in the interaction between actors in NGP, a number of different roles and competencies are needed. The information about and in the National Geodata Platform can in some cases be complex and requires special expertise. A producer needs more roles with different competencies and mandates, which is not always the case in a smaller municipality at the same time as a larger municipality may need a coordinator as the number of users is more.

Information owner and support manager

Information owner is the one who owns and is responsible for the information being correct and reliable and for the way the information is disseminated. The information owner is specified for each individual data set. The support manager is specified as the person or function mailbox at the manufacturer who can answer questions about the amount of data. Technical questions about the platform are answered by Lantmäteriet 's Geodata support, but for questions concerning the amount of data, Lantmäteriet must be able to refer to the municipality. Different support managers at the municipality can be specified for different amounts of data.

Agreements and conditions

Producer agreement

The producer agreement is an agreement for the producer to be able to join NGP, in order to make their data sets available to Consumers. The agreement regulates the commitments that apply to the producer and Lantmäteriet when using the National Geodata Platform.

Read the producer agreement (in swedish, pdf, new window)

The PUB agreement

The producer uses NGP to make his data sets available If the data set contains personal data, the producer needs to sign a personal data assistant agreement, PUB agreement, with Lantmäteriet . The PUB agreement may need to be updated at each new amount of data made available by the manufacturer.

Read the PUB agreement (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Terms of use for consumption

To consume data sets via NGP The Consumer needs to read and accept the terms of use. The terms include both the use of the data sets and the use of NGP. The data sets are made available but open license, corresponding to Creative Commons, CC0 or Public Domain Mark, PDM or similar. This means that you as a consumer can use, distribute, redo, modify and build on the information without any restrictions even in commercial contexts. Keep in mind that certain amounts of data may contain personal data and must then be handled in accordance with current regulations.

Read the terms of use (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Service Commitment

Describes target values for availability, operation and support for NGP.

Read service commitment for the geodata platform (in swedish, pdf, new window)

National specifications

For each data set in NGP, there is a national specification that describes the data set, how data should be structured digitally and what information the data set should contain. work in a similar way. It facilitates the exchange of information between parties in national societal processes, and is one of the preconditions for NGP.

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Technical descriptions

Technical descriptions describe APIs for delivery to the platform (upload of datasets, reference data and references) but also how datasets should made available via own APIs and used by consumers (search, download, technical schedules).

For developers

Geotorget's role in the connection process

To connect to NGP, you need to sign a producer agreement or accept terms of use as a consumer. This process starts with you creating a account in Lantmäteriet 's self-service service Geotorget. Once you have created an account, you can apply to become a producer or consumer against NGP. As a consumer, you now have access to the API portal and the APIs: Consumers can, after signing an agreement, start producing data sets for NGP via producer APIs accessed through the API Portal.

Access to the API Portal

After you as a consumer have approved the terms of use or that you as a producer have signed a producer agreement, you are given access to the respective APIs via the API Portal. In the API Portal, you generate keys for accessing NGP. Note that there are two different logins for the consumer and producer APIs.

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