Rising water levels

Our society is being affected by rising water levels in our oceans, inland lakes, and rivers. Here, students will analyze the consequences of rising water levels and propose measures to reduce the impact. This lesson is designed for high school students.

Part 1 - Knowledge acquisition

Find out:

  • What is a catchment area and how does it work?
  • Which main catchment area is your school located in?
  • How are watercourses regulated?
  • What significance does the topography around lakes and watercourses have regarding flood risks?
  • What aspects should be considered for sustainable construction?

Source material:

Part 2 - Investigate and describe

Utilize different layers in the map tool to describe various phenomena in the selected geographical area:

  • Main and sub-catchment areas for urban areas/the city where your school is located
  • Soil types
  • Terrain (flat/hilly)
  • Elevation profile
  • Watercourses
  • Vegetation
  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Roads and transportation routes
  • Production and industrial facilities
  • Population


Measure distance between two points, right-click and select show height. A graph is then displayed with an elevation profile for your measured distance. For the mouse pointer over the graph, a high point is marked in the map.

Part 3 - Analyze and explain

Identify areas in your urban area/city that could be prone to flooding.

  • How would the buildings, roads, and population in the area be affected?
  • Are there any vulnerable facilities in the area?

Part 4 - Analysis and discussion

How can the impact of rising water levels be reduced or prevented? Propose measures and justify your suggestions.

Part 5 - Presentation

Summarize your findings and describe them based on a map showing flood risk areas in your vicinity.

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