Map tool with a background map and map layer

The tool is a simple map application with information from different authorities. Here students can select map layers, zoom, pan, measure, draw and print. They can also easily find their position and find out location information in the form of coordinates and altitude. With the help of the map tool, it is possible to analyze and present.

Since the tool is directly linked to the various authorities' data warehouses, you and your students always have access to the latest updated information.

Contents of the map tool

The map tool includes aerial photos, historical maps, data on land use, hydrology, geology, demographics, ancient monuments and topography. For that, we have developed lesson suggestions that you can use together with the tool. Because the tool is web-based, it is well suited for field studies using, for example, a smartphone or tablet.

Help and tips for the Geoschool's map application (in swedish) 

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