Lantmäteriets archive

Lantmäteriet and its predecessors have been operating since 1628, which has given rise to a large number of maps and administrative documents during the almost 400 years the authority has existed.

Lantmäteriet was formed in 2008 with a merger of Lantmäteriverket, the state surveying authorities and the Registration Authorities. History and information about Lantmäteriet's predecessors can be found in the information accounting program Klara (new window) on each archivist (the authority that creates archives).

Archive content

The documents that the activities have produced over the centuries are both extensive and complex. Here are some examples of different types of information that have been compiled;

  • nearly three million business maps with protocols and descriptions
  • about one hundred thousand hand-drawn and printed geographical maps in various scales
  • more than 200,000 established triangles and highlights
  • up to 1.5 million aerial photographs
  • a few thousand shelves of administrative documents and documents relating to enrollment matters

Central archive

In Lantmäteriet's central archive, documents from 1996 onwards are mainly stored. In some exceptional cases, even older archivists are still there, e.g. the geodetic archive, which stretches from the 18th century onwards.

The central Archive's documents can be viewed by ordering documents, or visiting the archive. It is free to order documents to read on site. If you want to order copies, a fee can be charged.

Visits can take place during regular visiting hours but require an appointment in advance. You can book an appointment by emailing

The Swedish National Archives

Documents from 1995 and back in time have been delivered to Riksarkivet (the Swedish National Archives). If you want to order older documents, you can go to Riksarkivets website (in swedish, new window) .

Digital authority

Lantmäteriet is today a digital authority, but aims to be even better. One of the sub-goals is to get a more digital case flow where paper is to be used to a lesser extent and instead replaced by digital documents.

A part of Lantmäteriet's digitization is to store information long-term digitally instead of analogously. Long-term storage is done in Lantmäteriet's e-archive.

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