The map service "Kartsök och ortnamn" no longer exists

Our e-service "Kartsök och ortnamn" was discontinued on March 29, 2021. Instead, we have two new e-services to present - My map and Search place name.

My map

If you have previously used the e-service Map search and place names for simpler map-related matters, we recommend our new e-service My Map (new window, in Swedish) . There you can, among other things, navigate around our maps, aerial photos, historical aerial photos, measure and draw in the map and print.

Search for place names

Have you used Map Search and place names to find out more? thoroughly study place names, filter searches based on geographical division, place name type or language and we recommend you our new e-service Search place name (new window, in Swedish) . There you can do a form-based search against our place name register and see the place names' spelling, number and its location in the map.

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