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Here we have collected links to information about procurement that you can benefit from.

State Purchasing Center

A website for you who procure or call out goods and services to the public sector or are a framework agreement provider. Here you will find information about all framework agreements procured by Statens inköpscentral. The database contains almost 1,200 framework agreements in more than 40 framework agreement areas.

State Purchasing Center at Kammarkollegiet has the government's task of procuring and managing framework agreements for government agencies. In IT and telecom, municipalities and county councils can also join the framework agreements.

State Purchasing Center - (in Swedish, new window).


Kammarkollegiet streamlines public administration by concluding framework agreements. Kammarkollegiet authorizes interpreters and for the public's action in environmental processes. Kammarkollegiet establishes travel guarantees and insures all government operations in Sweden. Students are also insured via Kammarkollegiet. These are some of more than 30 different assignments Kammarkollegiet has from the government.

Kammarkollegiet (in Swedish, new window).

The procurement authority

The procurement authority is an authority that provides support by developing and disseminating knowledge, tools and methods for public procurement. The agency's goal is to develop the good public business, with a focus on sustainable, innovative and efficient procurements. The authority provides guidance and develops methods and tools for all phases of the procurement process.

The procurement authority (in Swedish, new window).

The Public Procurement Act

Legislation that regulates public procurement.

The law on public procurement - LOU (in Swedish, new window).

The Swedish Competition Authority

The Swedish Competition Authority is the administrative authority for competition issues and public procurement. The task of Konkurrensverket is to work for effective competition in private and public activities for the benefit of consumers and efficient public procurement for the benefit of the public and market participants.

The Swedish Competition Authority (in Swedish, new window).

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