Planning description

A detailed development plan does not exist on its own; it also needs to be described. The document (in Swedish called “planbeskrivning”) describing the plan contains for example information regarding the planning situation, the purpose of the plan and how the plan is intended to be implemented.


The planning description is an important part of the detailed development plan and describes how the plan is to be understood and implemented. It also describes the considerations forming the foundation of the design of the plan with regard to opposing interests and environment, and also the consequences of the plan.

The content of the planning description is regulated by the Planning and Building Act (2010:900) and is explained further in “Boverkets föreskrifter och allmänna råd (2020:8) om planbeskrivning”. The specification on this page contains only an overview of the content of a planning description.

The target audience of the specification are those exchanging the planning description outside of the National Geodata Platform (NGP) and the purpose is to establish a standardized implementation of the digital functionality described in “Boverkets föreskrifter och allmänna råd (2020:8) om planbeskrivning”. A common use case is to export and import the planning description in software. The National Geodata Platform only links to the document.

Status: Approved.

Responsible for the specification: Lantmäteriet.

National specifications

Approved and latest edition

The approved specification for “Description of detailed development plan” is edition 2.0.

National data product specification for planning description 2.0 (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

Previously editions

The previous edition of the specification was in a test status and is now outdated.

National data product specification planning description 2.0 Test 2 (in Swedish, pdf, new window).


Interactive information model (in Swedish, new window).

The information model is also included in the specification.

Guidance document

No guidance document for the planning description is available, but more information may be available in:

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