Geotechnical soil investigations

Geotechnical site investigations are conducted to determine soil, rock, and groundwater conditions. This is achieved by assessing the technical properties of soil and rock, and by collecting other relevant information within the specified investigation area.


The work carried out so far is preparatory work aimed at establishing a national data repository for geotechnical information. The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) will be the data host and specification manager. The Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) is the administrative authority for geotechnical and environmental geotechnical issues and acts as a collaborative partner in the project, contributing expertise in geotechnics.

As several geotechnicians currently use the Trimble Geosuite software in connection with geotechnical site investigations, Trimble, the provider, also participates as an advisor in the project. However, the data repository is not tightly linked to Trimble, and all stakeholders who wish to submit data will be able to connect in the same way.

The benefits of nationally making data available are many and significant. A national data repository for geotechnical site investigations will provide conditions for a more efficient urban development process and substantial cost savings by easily accessing already conducted geotechnical site investigations.

The work is based on existing solutions and standards. The solution is primarily a method for finding information rather than directly consuming geotechnical data. It has been identified that a more extensive information standardization effort would be needed to take the next step and provide direct access to geotechnical data through the data repository.

A national specification has been developed and communicated with a reference group, and it has been available for inspection and the opportunity for interested parties to provide feedback. The reference group consists of selected suppliers and users of geotechnical data. The scope of geotechnical information is limited to soil. A trial version of the solution will be in place by the end of 2023.

Representatives in the reference group
Enköping municipality
City of Gothenburg
Lerum municipality
Luleå municipality
SGF (Svenska Geotekniska Föreningen)
SGI (Statens geotekniska institut)
City of Stockholm
Traffic Agency
Uppsala municipality

Status: test 3
Responsible: Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU).

National specifications

The work on developing national specifications for geotechnical site investigations is ongoing and is part of the work that has started and is expected to be completed by 2023.

A third draft has been produced (Version 1.0, test 3) and is open for review. The material consists of a data product specification and a national information specification. The specification describes geotechnical site investigations relatively overview with opportunities to associate data in files.

For upcoming development work, a long-term plan will be developed, including a proposal for a larger harmonization effort regarding a detailed model for geotechnical information. There is also a document showing how comments on the previous version have been considered. We welcome your feedback; all comments will be considered and saved for future development. Please use the response template and email it to

Review material, response template, and received comments and actions on Version 1, test 2:

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