Elevation data

Elevation data, in this context, is a collective term for the datasets point cloud, GRID (digital elevation model) and break geometries. In this case point cloud is delimited to apply to point cloud data collected from airborne, mobile, and pedestrian laser scanning. These datasets are under development and have yet any valid specifications.


Elevation data is crucial in various applications and projects in Sweden. From mapping flood risks to creating detailed maps and orthophotos, public access to accurate elevation data is of utmost importance.

First and foremost, elevation data is essential for assessing the risk of floods. By analyzing terrain height and slope, researchers and planners can identify areas vulnerable to flooding and take appropriate measures to minimize damage and protect people and property.

Furthermore, elevation data is indispensable for cartographic purposes. By integrating elevation data into maps and geographic information systems (GIS), more detailed and accurate maps can be created. This is particularly important for navigating terrain, planning infrastructure projects, and managing natural resources sustainably.

Laser scanned elevation data, elevation models, and break geometries are specific forms of elevation data that offer a high degree of accuracy and detail. Using advanced techniques such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), 3D models of the terrain can be generated with high precision. These data are invaluable for creating accurate flood maps, planning roads and infrastructure, and conducting land analysis for various purposes.

In summary, elevation data is a central component of modern geographic information management and plays a crucial role in managing and understanding the landscape in Sweden. By providing detailed and accurate information about the terrain, elevation data enables better planning, risk management, and resource utilization, which are of importance for societal development and sustainability.

Status: Started.

Schedule: Q4 2024.

Responsible: Lantmäteriet.


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