The building information includes buildings with a construction bounded by the outer walls. A building is defined according to the Planning and Building Act, PBL, as a permanent structure consisting of a roof or of roofs and walls and which is permanently located on the ground or wholly or partly underground or is permanently located in a certain place in water and is intended to be designed so that people can stay in it. (PBL, Planning and Building Act 2010: 900 Chapter 1, Section 4). This is a dataset that has a current specification.

The dataset contains information about buildings in Sweden. A building is defined according to the Planning and Building Act, PBL (2010:900). In the national specification, a building is handled as a so-called physical building. This refers to the construction of the entire building, regardless of the property division.

The dataset may contain information about buildings that are created in connection with the municipality's various decisions in the building permit process.

The buildings have a geometric description in different variants of NS-LOD levels and information about, among other things, purpose, status, areas and geometry metadata. The municipalities are responsible for the update and measures these buildings through detailed geodetic detail measurement, but they can also use photogrammetric detail measurement.

The municipality can choose to make information available at any time in the process.

National specifications

For building, there are different types of specifications that describe the information content, delivery to and making available from the geodata platform. The fact that a specification has become valid means that it is considered complete and correct.

National specification Building, version 1.0  Applicable (published 2024-01-08)

National information specification Building (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Describes the information need / information content. Version 1.0 is the current version.

Specification for delivery to the National Geodata Platform (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Describes for the producer how they technically make their information available on the national geodata platform.

National data product specification Building (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Describes for the consumer what information they have access to via the national geodata platform. 

Specification for searching and retrieving reference data Building (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Describes for the consumer how they technically find the information on the national geodata platform.


Information models and concept models (new window)
Describes information storage model, information exchange models, resource models and conceptual model.


Guidance Building (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Used to support the interpretation of the information specification and measurement instructions.

Measurement instructions NS Building (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Describes the geometry management of a building. A complement to the information specification and guidance for Building.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) (in swedish, pdf, new window)
Compilation of received questions with answers. Should be seen as a supplement to the guidance, the measurement instructions and the information specification.

Purpose catalog Building (new window)

Test data
In the National Geodata Platform's verification/test environment, a number of test buildings are available. These can be used for tests of various kinds. It is important to keep in mind that the test data has not been created with the aim of being complete and correct, so the information may lack information, contain made-up information and in some cases be completely incorrect.

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