Guide - connect to the National Geodata Platform as a producer

Read this guide to know how you as a producer proceed in the connection process to the national geodata platform (NGP). This is done after you have created an account and logged in to Geotorget and gone to NGP. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Steps in the connection process

Follow these steps to join NGP as a producer:

  1. Click Apply in the Sign producer agreement box.

  2. Here you can download the producer agreement and any PUB agreement. (PUB agreement is required if the data set contains personal data) Read more about the agreements.

  3. Fill in your details in the editable PDF document and then print. Sign the agreement/agreement. Learn more about the information to be filled in.
  4. Scan the agreement(s) and save them in PDF format. Then attach the agreements in the same view in which you downloaded them.

  5. You can now follow your case under My Account. As long as it is handled by Lantmäteriet, it has the status Processed.

  6. Lantmäteriet signs the agreement. The signed agreement will then be sent to you via e-mail. Once you have received the agreement, you have the authority to choose which amount of data you want to make available in the platform. You do this by logging in with your account and selecting NGP. This needs to be done for each data set, such as the detailed plan and building.

  7. Specify who is the information owner and who provides support for the selected amount of data. Read more about being an information owner and support.
  8. Login information for the API portal is sent to your contact person. This login information is unique to the API portal and the current amount of data.

What should be included in the agreements?

The following information must be included in the producer agreement:

  • Item 1 - Organization and organization number
  • Item 14 - Signature.

You must include the following information in the PUB agreement:

  • Item 1 - Organization and organization number
  • Point 15 - Personal data controller - Name, role, telephone number, e-mail
  • Point 16 - Signature
  • Annex A, point A3 - Types of personal data
  • Annex A, point A4 - Categories of registered
  • Annex B, point B8 - Incident management - Name, role, telephone number, e-mail.

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