The National Government agency responsible for place-names

The Lantmäteriet is responsible for coordinating the official use of place-names, to approve place-names in the real property register and for official mapping. We provide advisory services and assistance regarding place-names to the public and to authorities, to provide information and increase awareness of place-names in society.

Lantmäteriets responsibility

The aim of Lantmäteriet is to develop principles and recommendations for a good national policy regarding place-names, in cooperation with the Place-Name Advisory Board and the appropriate national authorities (Historic Environment Act (new window), Law (1988: 950, revised 2013: 548) Kulturmilölagen 1 kap. 4 § Good place-names practice).

Searching for place-names on the internet

By using our free service “Map search and place-names” you can search for place-names in the database “KartSök och ortnamn”. For every place-name, information can be found about county, municipality and type of object.

Reviewing of place-names

Place-names established by Lantmäteriet have generally been recorded through interviews with the local population. The findings have then been examined by place-name experts and compared to archival records.

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